• Red Gravy

    Red Gravy

    Open our Real Tomato Base -Red Gravy Paste and unlock the secret of making most of the gravies used in Indian and Mughlai restaurant across the world. Ingredients are grounded and cooked to perfection for rich flavor & taste, adding value through appetizing color and consistency throughout the year.

  • Brown Gravy

    Brown Gravy

    An aromatic gravy made with onions as a base, cashews and melon seeds to give it a rich creamy texture. Perfect ingredients cooked to perfection ensure the burst of freshness in every bite of your dish.

  • Punjabi Gravy

    Punjabi Gravy

    Punjabi Gravy Base is the king of almost all Punjabi dishes. Richer in taste with combinations of Tomato & Onion paste, cashews and right blend of spices, making it more flavorful and delicious. All-time favorite on the menu and makes different dishes from it by little variations.

  • White Gravy

    White Gravy

    White Gravy Base is Rich in Cashew. Gives a wonderful aroma and uniquetaste to compliment the dish.